Automatic Car Wash

Some of the features of our Automatic Express Wash include

  • all new Best wash includes final hand dry & tyre shine applied (only available between 8 & 5.00 Monday to Friday and 8.00 & 4.00 weekends and public holidays)      
  • 4 Wash programmes to choose from ranging in price from $12 Standard Wash to $22 Best Wash
  • Revolutionary "Foambrite" brushes that won't harm your car
  • Repeat washing enhances your vehicles gloss & luster
  • Payment stand accepts notes,gold coins, credit card
  • Tax Invoice printed out at the press of a button

Self Serve Wash Bays

Our Self Serve Bays are the best in town. They provide you with everything you need to have your vehicle looking spik and span. It won't cost you a fortune either and between 8.00am and 4.00pm you will always find a staff member on site to show you how it's done if required. The self serve bays have the following cycles.

The 8 stages of the Clean

1.Engine Cleaner- Loosens grease & dirt from engine
2.Tyre Cleaner- Loosens grease,dirt,brake dust from wheels
3.Pre Soak-Loosens soil & road film
4.Hi Pressure Soap-removes road film loosened by Pre Soak
5.Foamy Brush- Removes heavy accumulations of dirt & road grime
6.High Pressure Rinse- removes remaining detergent solution from vehicle
7.Wax-water emulsified sealer to help seal the finish and deter road film build up
8.Spot Free Rinse- A final clear water rinse using treated water to remove disolved solids that cause spotting when water dries.

Dog Wash

We have 2 Self Serve Dog Washes that cater for dogs of any size or shape. The dog washes have a full range of quality dog wash products which includes

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Flea Rinse
  • Blow Dryer

Your pooch will also have the added comfort of warm water. The price is very reasonable as well at $1 per minute (min spend $10)

Mr Magic Touch Free Automatic Car wash coming soon

Watch this space

Self Service Dog Wash